Beautiful Lake Dalrymple

Lake Dalrymple Ice Fishing

 Ice Fishing is now allowed on Lake Dalrymple!


Year-round open season for sunfish, yellow perch, black crappie, and northern pike has been allowed since January 2010. After several years the number of fish huts on the lake has been still quite small although the numbers have increased each year.

One might expect to find perhaps a dozen or more in 2015 grouped together in sevaral locations on the lake. The main location has generally been at Fox Bay near the north end of the lower lake.

Local enthusiasts are keen to get on the ice but are very warry of safety. Once things get going. expect Pike to be caught in abundance, although it seems that like everything else, it is location, location, location that makes all of the difference.

 123_2434    Pike2 

  Minnows  Perch  ice fishing hole



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