The Village of Kirkfield


Kirkfiekd Lift Lock

Visit thiskirkfield03 relic of the early Canadian industrial age.

The Kirkfield Lift lock is located kust a few kilometeres north of the village of Kirkfield. You can walk about the grounds, climb to the top of the lift, or just relax and watch Trent Canal pleasure craft and giant cruisers making their way from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay.

The hydraulic lift lock at Kirkfield constructed between 1896 and 1907 is a massive structure with a lift of 49 feet.  It is the second largest hydraulic lift in the world, second only to the Peterborough lift lock, also part of the Trent Severn syste, with a lift of 65 feet.  Both lifts have chambers 140 feet long, 33 feet wide and a normal water depth of eight feet.

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