Canal Lake

Canal Lake

Canal Lake is the most western of the Kawartha Lakes. It is a man made lake, created as part of the Trent Canal system by the the construction of a dam at the west end of Canal Lake and flooding of Grass Creek.

Canal Lake L
ocation, Species and Vegetation:

Latitude: 44° 34' Longitude 79° 03'Soils:Sparse sandy loam
Common Tree Species: Cedar, White Birch, Oak, White Spruce, Hard Maple
Aquatic Vegetation: common cattail, common waterweed, milfoil, sweetgale, burreed, wild iris, leatherleaf
Bedrock: Sedimentary
Elevation: 241.4 m or 792 ft ±
Max. Depth: 4.3 m or 14 ft
Mean Depth: 1.4 m or 4.44 ft.
Fish Species: muskellunge, white sucker, pumpkinseed, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, yellow perch, walleye

Canal Lake Map

The Trent Canal System:

For those interested in gaining an understanding of the workings of the locks, dams and bridges that make up the Trent System, Canal lake has it all.
At the east end of Canal Lake is the Kirkfield Hydraulic Lift Lock
(the second highest in the world). At the centre of the lake is Canal Lake Arch Bridge with a clearance of 28' (a national heritage site being one of the earliest examples of the use of concrete in bridge construction). There are two swing bridges at Canal Lake one at Bolsover Road and the other at Boundary Road. Each has a clearance of 5' allowing small craft to pass underneath. Larger craft require a swing of the bridge to allow passage. At the west end of the lake is the Bolsover Dam and Lock 37, one of the larger water-locks on the system in that it has a lift of 22 feet.

Small fishing boats can access much of Canal Lake, although caution is required to avoid propeller damage. The west half of the lake is generlly deeper at about 10'. The great benefit of the many bottom features, weed beds, shoals and stumps, is the abundance and variety of fish habitat and the promise a good day of fishing. There is also a very popular spot for road side fishing at Iron Bridge at the north end of the Canal Lake Causeway.

Canal Lake:


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