Fishing Simcoe and the Kawarthas

Mighty Northern May

Mighty Northern May
As soon as the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in May hits it's time for Walleye and The Mighty Northern Pike for most central Ontario waters. We've had our fix of small rods and pan fish and it's now time to up size our catch. I personally target Northern Pike from now until bass season opens, with a few pike tournaments in between to kick off the tournament season. Northern pike are big, feisty, toothy critter's that are fun to catch. My favorite lake for northern pike in our neck of the woods has to be Lake Muskoka. It's my home lake and it has some giants in it.

Huntsville_Pike_wWhere to Look

Gearing Down


 When the season opens the first thing you want to do is check for water temperatures.

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Kawartha Lakes Ice Fishing

The Kawarthas have never had ice fishing - until now, that is.
Bass, pickerel and muskie are the favoured summertime catch although everything is about to change. How about a little perch, a little sunfish, a little crappie and a big northern pike!

New regulations for MNR Fisheries Management Zone 17, which consists of primarily the Kawartha Lakes, will now open new opportunities for this much favoured winter pass-time for Ontarians.

Lake Simcoe the "Ice Fishing Mecca" will soon face some competition from the much prized, and widely varied, fishing grounds of the Kawartha Lakes.

According to MNR statements: Black crapie a recent addition to the fish communities of of zone 17 along with perch are available in high numbers, northern pike are also becoming established, to the point of threatening the existing fish community.

The Facts:

New Regulations will allow ice fishing on Lake Dalrymple January 1, 2010, featuring year-round open season for sunfish, yellow perch, black crappie, and northern pike.
FMZ 17 - Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Effective January 1, 2010



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