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Our mandate is to promote the rich history of the village of Kirkfield and area. We wish to stimulate an interest in the past, with artifacts, articles, folklore and social history, and to encourage the preservation of historical, archaeological and architectural heritage for future generations.


The Kirkfield & District Historical Society Newsletter, titled Our Heritage, is published quarterly: Spring (April-June), Summer (July-September), Fall (October-December), and Winter (January-March). These dates are subject to change as the requirements may fit. Paid-up members with email, receive an electronic copy on the day of publication. Members in good standing who do not have email, are mailed their copies through Canada Post. The latest edition will be available on this website about three weeks before the next issue

SPECIAL NOTE: Rather than keep all the newsletters on this link, we will begin to archive the earliest ones. If you wish a copy of an early one, download it now or, if you wish a back issue that is no longer on this website, please write to the Editors and we will provide you with a copy.

Note: Keep up to date with events happening in the Society by joining and receiving the newsletter and other publications on time. If you are a paid-up member and did not receive your copy, please contact Bev Ewen or Mary Grant right away.

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President: Ian Burney 705-439-2186
Past President:
Al Greenway 705-426-2785
Vice President: Sandra Burton 705-438-3283
Cultural Director: Helen Biffert 705-833-1758
Treasurer: Marie Cook 705-438-3543
Curator: Mary Grant 705-426-7576
Board of Directors:    
 Editor: Bev Ewen 905-426-7022
 Refreshments: Norma Lytle 705-438-3233
  Linda Savage 705-374-4338
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