Coby Water Conditioning

Coby Water Conditioning - Plumbing and Heating Coby water conditioning, water treatment specialists serving Coboconk and Kawartha Lakes North. 6664 Main St.

Coby Water Conditioning

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         Water Treatment Specialists


Water Softeners, Iron and Sulphur Filters, UV Lights,
Reverse Osmosis and Water Softeners To suit Every Need
Featuring: Mini Cabinet Water Softener

mini-cabinetMini Cabinet Water Softeners are ideal for apartments and space-constrained areas. Handles up to 22,000 grains of hardness and features the reliable Fleck 5600SXT valve.

Efficiently sized at just 22" x 13" x 27", it's a compact package delivering big performance and the soft water customers desire. The SXT electronics of the valve provide both the owner and installer simple to operate user friendly method of making adjustments to the control. An alternating display shows the time of day and gallons of soft water remaining while the softener is in service.

- Compact design
- Designed for simple operation and service
- Two models - moderate (EFC-MINI-17) and high (EFC-MINI-22) hardness capacities
- The high capacity model is effective in removing iron of up to 10ppm*
- Consumes less than 50% less water for regeneration than standard water softeners(consumes 14.5 gallons of water for 3 lbs/cu.ft. of salt)
- Meter initiated regeneration
- Electronic control with large backlit display and user-friendly programming
- Fully adjustable regeneration cycle
- Diagnostic provide current and historical usage information
- Regeneration day override can be programmed
- Bypass included with ¾" MNPT connections
- Heavy duty mineral tank
- Heavy duty cabinet includes air check, brine safety valve and overflow protection fitting Includes plastic salt grid
* Depends on inlet water chemistry. Frequent backwashing and use of Resin Cleaner may be required. This softener is not recommended for iron bacteria or organically bound iron.

Novaclean IF Chemical Free Iron Filter "Iron free - iron clad guarantee"

Novatek gives you an iron clad guarantee of cleaner laundry, protected plumbing, cleaner dishes and better tasting water when you install a Novaclean chemical free iron removal filter.

The Novaclean IF has surpassed all other filters in its ability to remove iron. It uses no costly or messy chemicals. Instead, the system oxidizes iron and collects it in the filter media. Novaclean IF also neutralizes acidic water. Occasionally, the iron is flushed from the filter using only water.

Features: • Exclusive Novatek programmable composite control valve with a seven year guarantee • Heavy duty fiberglass tank with a lifetime guarantee • Chemical free operation minimizes operating costs • Conserves water by using only 10% of the water used by a conventional filter to regenerate • Neutralizes acidic water • Tank jackets standard on 75 and 10 models • Bypass valve for ease of installation and service

Shower Filters

shower-filter_Hand Held Shower Filter: Convenient handheld design Wall Mount Shower Filter: Compact wall mount design

Features and Specifications: • 10,000 Gallon Integrated Handheld • 5-function massage head • Convenient handheld design • Reduces over 98% Chlorine • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide • Eliminates Odor • No calcium or soap scum build-up on shower glass doors or tile • Restores natural softness to skin, scalp and hair by removing harsh, drying chemicals from the water • Easy to clean • Easy installation - No tools required! • Easy to install replacement cartridges • The shower filter cartridge uses KDF, a special water treatment media, to reduce chlorine, and the smell/ odor of chlorine • Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 177 for the reduction of free available Chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Novatek® 1240 Series II Four-Stage Reverse Osmosis SystemsThis model produces great tasting drinking water utilizing separate dedicated sediment and carbon pre-filters, allowing for longer run time between cartridge changes.

  • Novatek 1240-1High quality reverse osmosis membrane
  • Sediment pre-filtrationPre & post carbon block filtration
  • Quick connect fittings
  • 3/8" tubing from RO to tank and faucet for higher flow
  • Color coded tubing for ease of installation
  • Chrome faucet Storage tank


UV Sterilizers

PURA® Product's Stainless Steel Water Purification System

pura_ss_l[1]The PURA® UVSS Series is an advanced Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System. It has been designed with you, the consumer, in mind. The system will provide you with disinfected drinking water for years to come.

These systems have been designed with the high quality construction and innovative feature

Disinfection of water using Ultraviolet light at a wavelength between 200 – 300 nm is a chemical free way of destroying the DNA of microorganisms rendering them unable to replicate or cause infection.

The axial flow chamber design of the PURA Stainless Steel Series, which is “in the bottom and out the side port” utilizes the energy from the Ultraviolet Lamp evenly across the water flow.

Installation of the system is straight forward and simple. Maintenance of the system which includes changing the lamp once a year and cleaning the quartz sleeve periodically has been designed to be as simple as possible

PURA Max Point-of-Use Water Coolers

water_coolerPURA coolers save money!
It takes significantly less money to own and maintain a PURA® cooler than purchasing bottled water. Its like having the water bottling plant right in the office or home.
PURA coolers are healthy!
Our bodies are made up mainly of water and some common beverages such as soda and coffee can actually dehydrate the body. Water is the best choice for staying hydrated and a PURA bottle-free cooler can supply a virtually unlimited volume of quality hot and cold drinking water
PURA coolers save time!
By installing a PURA cooler, you no longer have to deal with invoices, deliveries, bottle storage or empty bottles cluttering up your work place.
PURA coolers are safer!
PURA coolers are safe for everyone as they prevent water spills from lifting heavy water bottles, which can also cause back strain which results in worker compensation claims.
PURA coolers are greener!
PURA coolers eliminate small pack water bottles from being discarded into the landfill and reduce the fuel used to deliver 5 gallon bottles to the office or home every week.
The PURA Max bottle-free cooler is a product with a modern look and feel suitable for business and homes, but without the added ultraviolet option of the Max Plus model.
  • Modern look with metallic finish matches any décor particularly in office environments
  • 1 gallon stainless steel cold tank - Hot and Cold dispensing spigots
  • Hot water safety lock to prevent accidental dispensing
  • Lower cabinet is large enough to mount either a filtration cartridge package or a reverse osmosis system
  • Meets ETL requirements
  • One Year Limited Warranty